PostgreSQL Failover

  • As is known, once a database structure has been established, one of the first things that come to mind is the continuity and sustainability of data access. At this point, different database software has different alternative solutions.

  • BFM, the first software we have developed in the field of PostgreSQL, has been designed to meet the needs of PostgreSQL at this level.

  • The design consists of three different agent combinations. These; BFM Watcher, miniPG and BIOXY agent.

  • In architecture, BIOXY draws this information from BFM and directs incoming requests to the new master server, while observing the master standby relationship within the BFM Watcher database cluster and using Minipg in case of any perpetrator.

  • In this way, by providing high availability (High Availability), end users can continue their work in a possible network / database / server problem without being affected.