What is DataSunrise?

  • DataSunrise Data and Database Security is a platform-independent, high-performance software that protects the data of heterogeneous databases in real time. DataSunrise was developed to secure database-managed services in the cloud or on-premise databases.

  • DataSunrise powerful data-centric security software protects databases against external and internal threats such as SQL attacks and unauthorized access attempts. 

  • Dynamic Masking (Redaction)
    Static Masking (Data Masking)
    Firewall (Database Firewall)
    Data Monitoring (Auditing)
    Sensitive Data Discovering

It allows you to use such features above as a central structure for different database technologies.

  • DataSunrise does not require any changes such as trigger, procedure, function in existing system architecture, databases or applications. DataSunrise blocks users' requests for sensitive data or can mask or encrypt data instead.

  • DataSunrise Data Security forms the infrastructure of the institutions' integration into international security regulations such as KVKK, HIPAA, GDPR.

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Why DataSunrise?


  • Single product for database audit / audit, security, masking and detection of sensitive data,

  • Central administration for the implementation of security policies

  • Continuous and effective monitoring of data flow both in the cloud and locally

  • Comprehensive web interface and optional terminal acces

  • Real-time protection from 'SQL injection' attacks

  • Integration with third party SIEM (Log Management) systems

  • Supporting all known RDBMS and Hive on many platforms

  • Easy setup and management